We're here to help you sleep better.

Where do I start if I wanted to buy a mattress?

If you want to get a great night's sleep, then you need a great mattress - this is exactly what Dreams provide. We want to ensure that you sleep soundly, enjoying a high level of comfort with the right amount of support. Take a look through our tools to help you choose the right mattress:


  • Mattress Guide – Contains everything there is to know about our mattresses, from what goes into them, to your own personal comfort. We give you the knowledge you need to choose your perfect mattress.


  • Mattress Finder – Great if you have an idea of what size, firmness, and filling you want from your mattress. Simply answer three questions and our finder will show you suitable mattresses based on your requirements.


  • Comfort by Colour – We have colour coded our mattresses to help guide you through making your decision. Each colour represents a different type of mattress with its own unique comfort characteristics. Here we explain the differences and benefits of each type: Traditional Spring, Pocket Spring, Combination, Advanced and Tempur.