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Bedcover Service Plan - Furniture and Headboards

At our absolute sole discretion we cover:

Structural defects in your furniture or headboard for
5 years, including:

• Defects to frames caused by breakage or becoming
• Peeling of the finish on solid wood
• Cracking of solid wood furniture
• Bending and breakage to metal components
• Broken hinges, drawers, and drawer runners
• Separation of seams and stitching

Cosmetic damage to your furniture or headboard for
5 years, including:

Stains - caused by:
• Food and beverages
• Ink, paint and dye
• Human and pet bodily fluids
• Cosmetics, soap and shampoo
• Wax and wax polish
• Glue and superglue
• Dye transfer from clothing and newspaper print
• Acids, bleaches, caustic and corrosive solutions and

Damage – caused by:
• Water, liquid or heat marks from items in normal
household use
• Breakage, dents, chips, scratches or
• Breakage, scratches and chips of glass or mirrors
occurring during normal household use
• Rips, tears, burns, scuffs, scratches and punctures,
including damage caused by pets*

* Damage caused by pets is limited to three (3) claims during the
Contract Term.