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Bed Cover Service Plan - Caring for your new Bed

• turn your mattress every month for the first year, then
once every three months thereafter (unless it’s a
‘no-turn’ mattress which should be rotated head to toe).
• regularly check that fixings are tight, otherwise there is
a chance that parts may work loose.
• use a mattress protector to help prolong the life of
your mattress and protect against dust mites, spills
and stains.
• air your bed thoroughly once a month by stripping it
down and opening bedroom windows.

• bend or roll your mattress, as this can cause serious
damage to the spring unit and tear the fillings or
covering material.
• sit on the edge of your mattress. Mattresses are
designed to spread the weight over a large area.
• overload or fill storage drawers with heavy or bulky
items, as this may cause them to collapse.
• walk, stand or jump on your bed, or let your children
use it as a trampoline, as this will damage the
springs or foam and loosen fittings.
• use the product outside of manufacturer guidelines.