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Bedcover Service Plan - What is not covered?

At our absolute sole discretion we will not pay the costs arising from:

1. Any damage (structural or otherwise), soiling or staining caused:
• prior to or during delivery;
• during subsequent disassembly/assembly or in transit due to
relocation of the Product
• to Products used for rental/sublet or commercial purposes, or
furniture in storage or transit;
• by or resulting from misuse, mishandling, abuse, neglect,
violence or vandalism;
• by or resulting from deliberate damage by any person,
including children;
• removal of stains caused by a build up of perspiration, hair
and body oils;
• by accumulated multiple stains or any unidentifiable stain;
• by any spill or stain not attended to in a manner described by
the administrator;
• by any spill or stain incurred when the mattress has not been
properly covered by the mattress protector provided by Dreams
with this Service Contract, or a protector of equivalent quality
and moisture resistance;
• by fire, fibre damage, smoke, ash, flood, wind, lightning, the
act of sunlight, oxidisation, or any other natural disaster;
• by any other cause not specifically mentioned under What is
Covered in the full Terms & Conditions.

2. Removal of odours even when caused by a stain;

3 Stains & damage that are consistent with wear and tear or
anything that happens gradually;

4. Damage caused by insects, non domestic animals or wild birds;

5. The use or application of cleaning substances or materials other
than those provided;

6. Fading, effect of sunlight or non-colour fast materials;

7. Use of the product in a manner other than that intended by the

8. The costs of certain repairs on specific beds if the users are over
the manufacturer’s recommended maximum weight; in particular,
adjustable beds will not be covered by this Service Contract if the
users are over the manufacturer’s recommended maximum weight
of 115 kilograms;

9. In the case of Television Beds with built-in televisions or fittings to
accommodate televisions, only the bed and fittings, including the
lift mechanism are covered by this Service Contract and not the
television or any ancillary electrical products whether attached to
the television or otherwise included within the bed frame.