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Sleeprise FAQ

What can Sleeprise do if I don’t have/use Napp by Dreams?

You can use the built-in Bluetooth speaker to listen to your favorite music on your phone. The gesture control feature enables you to change the light color between 16 million color options, or adjust the brightness and volume, or play and pause your music with a wave of your hand.


The music coming through the Bluetooth speaker is not clear. What can I do?

Please reset your Sleeprise and try again.


What can Sleeprise do for my sleep?

Sleeprise will be able to utilize the Sleep-Aid function and the Wake-Up feature via Bluetooth connection.  A red light and music will help you to fall asleep easier and then yellow light and music will help you to gently wake up at the time set on the alarm.


I can't hear my music even though I connected successfully. How can I fix this?

Make sure you are connected to the correct device via Bluetooth and check your volume settings. Remember the volume can be controlled by Napp and Sleeprise itself, so make sure both items are not on low volume


How many alarms can I set on my Sleeprise?

You can set a maximum of 5 alarms.


Sometimes the music will start suddenly. Why is this happening?

This might be a temporary glitch in the gesture control field. Please restart your Sleeprise and Napp by Dreams.


Sometimes I cannot connect to my Sleeprise, or update the firmware, or find the device via Bluetooth. How can I fix this?

  1. Please restart your Sleeprise and your smart phone’s Bluetooth.
  2. Please make sure your network connection is stably working.


Can I use the Sleeprise along with the Sleeppal or the Sleeppal+ sleep tracker?

Sorry, currently the Sleeprise does not support use with Sleeppal or the Sleeppal+, it works with Napp by Dreams at the moment.


How to change the light’s color?

You could change the light’s color via Napp by Dreams or by hand gesture (wave).


My Sleeprise alarm is not ringing, what happened?

There might be various reasons to cause this problem:

  1. Please check your Napp by Dreams settings if the volume has been set to the lowest level.
  2. There might be some problems with the hardware, please restart the Sleeprise and the app to try again or go for warranty services.


I can’t change the alarm sound, what should I do?

Please make sure your smart phone is connected to data network or Wi-Fi, and the connection works well.