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Sleeppal FAQ


What are the functions of Sleeppal?

  1. Sleep Monitoring. Every day when you wake up the Napp by Dreams will display your sleep parameters, such as duration of deep sleep and light sleep, body movement etc. for a better sleep experience.
  2. Sleep Report. Daily, weekly and monthly reports will be sent through the Napp by Dreams to analyze your sleep quality and sleep trends to discover potential health issues.
  3. Sleep Tips. Professional tips and advice on how to improve your sleep quality will be offered in the Napp by Dreams, directly relating to your current sleep status.



How does Sleeppal monitor my sleep?

Simply attach the Sleeppal to the top corner of your pillow, install Napp by Dreams on your smart phone and you are ready to monitor your sleep. When you wake up, double tap or shake the sleeppal and your sleep data will transfer directly to you Napp by Dreams via Bluetooth, you can check your sleep reports, tips and suggestions daily to improve your sleep quality.



Can I close the App and turn off my phone when the Sleeppal is monitoring my sleep?

Absolutely. Once the Sleeppal is connected and configured, you can close the Napp by Dreams and turn off you phone. When you are ready to retrieve your sleep report, just tap the Sleeppal twice or shake it to initiate the syncing process.



Who can/can’t use the Sleeppal?

The Sleeppal is great for people who are 12 years and older. Since the magnetic backing of the Sleeppal is relatively small it shall not be used by infants, toddlers or small children to avoid accidental swallowing.



Where to download the Napp by Dreams?

Download the Napp by Dreams in the App Store or Google Play Store



How long is your warranty for the Sleeppal?

One year.



How do I put the Sleeppal on my pillow?

Slide the magnetic back-cover off, clip your Sleeppal to the upper corner of your pillowcase and snap the magnet back on (Note: Your pillowcase should be less than 2mm thick), if you keep knocking the sleeppal off your pillow during the night, then please just put the sleeppal inside your pillow case and it will still monitor your sleep



Is the Sleeppal safe to be placed next to my head and are there any radiation issues?

Yes, it’s very safe. The Sleeppal is powered by a button cell (CR2032) which is only 3V, it is far less than the official safety voltage requirement of 12V. Since the Sleeppal has built-in data storage, you only need to use your Bluetooth for actual data transmission when you wake up. The Bluetooth is turned off during your sleep.



How long is the battery life?

Around 3 months. Sleeppal will flash with a red light when it is time to replace the battery (button cell type: CR2032).



How long will my sleep data be stored?

The Sleeppal can store the sleep data up to 7 days before it needs to be synced with the Napp by Dreams. All your data will then be stored in the cloud for up to three years when transferred to the Napp by Dreams.



How to see my sleep data?

Sleeppal collects the data and transmits it via Bluetooth to the Napp by Dreams. It will analyze the data and generate the report. Please open your Napp by Dreams to see the details.


What’s accuracy of the sleep monitoring?

Our patented algorithm ensures its accuracy, and the Sleeppal performance is much better than using a smart phone as the monitoring device.



What are the dimensions of the Sleeppal?

Size: 1.3 x 1.3 x 0.52 inches; weight: 0.53oz
Packaging size: 12.6 x 3.43 x 5.91 inches; weight: 7.04oz



Will there be a problem if my head is too far away from my pillow?

Yes, this is called a data exception. Being too far away from the pillow will make it difficult for the Sleeppal to track your data accurately and the result will be somehow unreliable. Please follow the instructions provided in the user guide.



Does my sleep data sync automatically?

Please tap or shake the Sleeppal twice to initiate the syncing process.



How do I activate the Sleeppal?

Insert the battery in the Sleeppal and snap the back in place. When the green light starts flashing, your installation was successful. You will then need to add the device to Napp by Dreams



How do I connect the Sleeppal with the Napp by Dreams?

  1. For new users, please create an account and follow the app’s instructions.
  2. For registered users, please click ‘My Device’ to add the Sleeppal, then tap or shake the Sleeppal twice to activate it


Should I connect the Internet when using the Sleeppal?

Not necessarily. You only need Internet connection when pairing or deleting the Sleeppal in the Napp by Dreams. However, other usage in the Napp by Dreams might need Internet connection.


Can the Sleeppal monitor my napping?

A sleep report would be generated only when the monitoring duration lasts more than 3 hours. We do not suggest using the Sleeppal to monitor your napping. Sleeppal, will also only monitor for the pre set times you have chosen.


Can the Sleeppal monitor/prevent snoring?

Sorry, currently the Sleeppal does not support this feature.


I could not see the report in the morning, what should I do?

Please open the Bluetooth in your smart phone, then tap or shake the Sleeppal twice to start the syncing process. If it fails, please provide:

  1. Account ID in the Napp by Dreams
  2. Sleeppal serial number
  3. The date that is missing


What does the green light indicate?

  1. When pairing the Sleeppal and the Napp by Dreams, the green light is on and stays.
  2. When connecting and syncing sleep data, the green light blinks.
  3. When the Bluetooth of the Sleep Dot is off, the green light is off.


I can’t update the Sleeppal firmware to newest version, what should I do?

Please make sure your network is working. You could also try using another smart phone/laptop to generate a hotspot and connect to your phone.


Can I use the Sleeppal when there are 2 people in the bed?

The Sleeppal can only monitor 1 person’s sleep data, please put the Sleeppal properly on one side, and near the one who wants the sleep monitoring.


How does the Sleeppal wake me up?

Firstly, you need to set a smart alarm in the Napp by Dreams, and the Sleeppal will monitor your lightest sleep stage according to the time and time range you set, then send the Bluetooth signal to the Napp by Dreams to wake you up naturally.