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Sleepscent FAQ

What are the main functions of Sleepscent?

Sleepscent aims to relax your body and mind by aromatic scents, sound and light to help you fall asleep easier.


What kinds of aroma do you have?

The Sleepscent comes with a Lavender aroma as standard but we have 3 scents you can actually choose from: Lavender, Orange Blossom, Jasmine.


Lavender aroma could calm your mind and helps you to sleep easier.


Orange Blossom aroma could release the stress and adjust your mood.


Jasmine aroma could give you a soothing, comfortable feeling, therefore to remove pressure.



What are the aroma capsules made from? How do they affect my health?

The aroma capsules are made from the combination of essence and silica gel blocks. The raw materials of the essence are mostly natural, and originate from Egypt and France.


The aroma capsules acquire the MSDS certification and the REACH certification, which are both world-wide authentic qualifications. Also, the Sleepscent device acquires CE, FCC, 3C qualification, which proves that it is harmless to people by various authentic standards.


However, if you are allergic to these aroma scents, we strongly suggest that not using this product and follow your doctor’s instructions.


How long does the aroma scent remains?

One single aroma capsule could last for about 30 days, but depends on usage.


Where to buy a refill?

Dreams store or online the Dreams website.


What is the size of Sleepscent?

The size of Sleepscent is 122.7mm*122.7mm*133.9mm (4.83in*4.83in*5.27in)


Can I use it outdoors?

No, unfortunately Sleepscent currently supports indoor using only. Please connect the device to power supply when using.


What’s the difference between Sleepscent and other Sleepwell products?

Sleepscent adds the aroma function based on the features of Sleeprise.


Is the Sleepscent fit for reading?

Sorry, Sleepscent is not designed for reading. The light is a soft glow, that fits for a night lamp or a yoga ambient light.




Why there is a slight noise when I turn on the aroma mode?

That is sound of the fan in the device. The fan is used for spreading the aroma into the air. You could lower the speed in the app for less sounds.


How to use the aroma capsules? / How to change the refill?

Please follow the instructions printed in the user guide / on the package.


What’s the lumen of Sleepscent?

Sleepscent lumen is 201ux.


How does the indicator light work?

The indicator light will turn green when the aroma mode is on, and it will be off in any other circumstances.


Does Sleepscent have the alarm function?

Yes, to use the alarm function properly you should make sure your Sleepscent is connected to Napp by Dreams, then set the alarm in the app. Once you set the alarm successfully, your Sleepsent will remember and apply the alarm even you phone is off.


How to restore to the factory setting?

Please push the center button and hold it for 5 seconds to restore to the factory setting.