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Sleeppal+ FAQ

What if there are two people in bed when I’m using Sleeppal+?

The Sleeppal+ sleep tracker device is designed to remain accurate when there are 2 people in bed, our patented algorithm ensures this feature. However, please ensure the Sleeppal+ tracker is placed on one side of the bed instead of 2 people covering the Sleeppal+ at the same time.


How do I disconnect/reset my Sleeppal+?

Please open Napp by Dreams, go to the main menu -> Device -> Sleeppal+ -> Delete Device


Why is Napp by Dreams not recording my sleep data?

Sleeppal+ is compatible with smart phones on iOS 7.0 or later and Android 4.3 or later as well as Bluetooth 7.0. Please make sure your connection between the device and phone is working well. If it still fails to generate sleep report, please make sure your Napp by Dreams and device’s firmware are both updated to newest version. Also, please try to restart the Napp by Dreams, connect the device via Bluetooth and check if you can access the data.


I can see real-time monitoring data, but no sleep report. How can I get my sleep report?

The sleep report needs data for a certain amount of time, you would receive your sleep report when you wake up in the morning and click ‘GET UP’ in the app.


How long does it take to upload my sleep data?

The data transfers via Bluetooth. Please click ‘GET UP’ in your App when you wake up and your report will be generated within 5 to 10 seconds


How to check my Sleeppal+ battery life?

Open your App, go to ‘Device’ -> Sleeppal+. The battery life is in the top right hand corner. The red light will appear on Sleeppal+ when the battery needs charging.


What is the accuracy of the Sleeppal+?

Compared to professional medical devices (Embla N700 PSG), our devices are of 95% accuracy.


Does Sleeppal+ have a built-in battery and if so, how often do I charge it?

Yes, Sleeppal+ does have a built-in battery. One charge lasts for about 30 days and it needs to be charged for about two hours every time (from low to full). You will see the light turns red when charging. Once the charging is completed, the light turns to green


Will my Sleeppal+ work with any kind of bed?

Yes, absolutely. Sleeppal+ works laying on top of any mattress types, including foam, memory foam, waterbed, spring etc.


Can I monitor napping with the Sleeppal+?

Technically the answer is YES. However, a sleep report would be generated only when the monitoring duration lasts more than 3 hours. We do not suggest using the Sleeppal+ to monitor your napping due to the sleeping time being too short and would not be as accurate as a whole nights sleep.


Can I close Napp by Dreams and turn off my phone when the Sleeppal+ is monitoring my sleep?

Absolutely. Once the Sleeppal+ is connected and configured, you can close Napp by Dreams and turn off you phone. When you are ready to retrieve your sleep report, just connect the Bluetooth and Napp by Dreams to sync the sleep data and the sleep report will be generated automatically.

Sleeppal+ is very close to my body when using, are there any radiation issue that might affect my health?

The Sleeppal+ have serval world-wide authentic certifications related to radiation issue, such as SRRC, CE and so on.  The radiation of Sleeppal+ is only one of dozens of a smart phone, therefore it will not cause any health issues.


Can I control Sleeppal+ in a long range?

The Sleeppal+ is connected to your smart phone and Napp by Dreams via Bluetooth, the effective distance is no more than 10 meters. You could control your Sleeppal+ by your smart phone within this distance.


My smart phone fails to connect the Sleeppal+, what should I do?

  1. Make sure your Sleeppal+ is on.
  2. Make sure your smart phone is close to the Sleeppal+ within 10m, and within 5m is more effective.
  3. Make sure your Sleeppal+ battery life is sufficient.
  4. Use Napp by Dreams to search the Sleeppal+ and connect, instead of searching it in the smart phone’s Bluetooth settings. Also, please avoid using a third-party tool or scanning a QR code for connection.


How long will my sleep data be stored?

The Sleeppal+ can store the sleep data up to 6 months before it needs to be synced with Napp by Dreams.  All your data will then be stored in the cloud for up to three years when transferred to Napp by Dreams.


Can I share my sleep data/report with my family and friends?

Yes of course, to enjoy this feature please let your family member or friends use Napp by Dreams and add your account as ‘friend’, so that they could follow up your sleep report in the next day.


Are there any advantages comparing Sleeppal+ and Beddit?

  1. Sleeppal+ sensor belt is 5 inches longer, which means a better compatibility to more situation.
  2. Sleeppal+ has built-in battery and lasts for 1 month’s usage after fully charged, meanwhile Beddit needs to connect to the power supply when using.


Does the Sleeppal+ work with other smart home devices?

Currently the Sleeppal+ only works with Napp by Dreams.